Custom Designed

Wood Carving


Hand drawn, hand carved to be the United States Constitution rolled and inside itself. The bottom of the handle has 13 stars, 13 stripes, and is numbered and signed by Northwoods Carving artist David Cogley.

Choose your platform

Choose from up to 17 different axes and spears in stock, or go with something rare and unique. The possibilities are endless.

Collaborative Design

You are at the helm in full control, providing all design elements, just a theme, or a combination of both.

Watch It Happen

Clients are deeply involved in the process, giving full approval on design work before any carving begins. Then jump on the Instagram, Facebook, or Twitch live streams to watch your piece carved, stained and sealed from start to finish.

Freehand artwork

All sketches and transfers
are hand-drawn

Hand Carved

Each piece is fully carved
by hand using rotary tools

Wood Stained

Wood stain is used
on each piece instead
of paint to protect and show
the beauty of the wood.

Functional quality

Tool heads are high carbon steel, forged in various capacities, providing high functionality presented with beautiful art.