It was June 2020 at the height of the COVID lockdowns. We were sitting outside at an entry control point to our medical clinic on a Marine Corps base. The gyms were closed so we worked out outside. I looked at my Sailors and said, “You know what? We should buy sledgehammers, carve them out with crazy designs all over, and then go workout with them in front of the Marines like a bunch of idiots.” It was a stroke of genius. The first piece, my own hammer, turned out awesome and terrible at the same time. The second, even worse. And as things got better with time, by project five and six I started getting orders from across the country. Fast forward two years later, I have pieces sent all over the world and over 220 projects completed. Making art for people and watching their dreams come alive is my passion. I am David Cogley. Welcome to Northwoods Carving.

At Northwoods, our mission is to see your vision and your dreams for your piece come to life. I treat every project as if it were going to hang on my own wall, in hopes that when you pick it up, you won’t be able to put it back down!