Local united states shipping

Shipping for all US orders, except for apparel and oversized packages are sent USPS priority. Oversized packages like spears may be sent USPS or FEDEX. Apparel is shipped through USPS via first class shipping. A tracking number will be provided to the client once the package is sent. 

International shipping

International shipping is typically sent through USPS, however, some countries may require packages to be sent through FEDEX or DHL. Oversized packages sent internationally will use one of these platforms. Tracking numbers will be provided, but expected timelines cannot. Please do provide extra shipping concerns during design conversations if there may be special requirements.


Potential clients have a variety of questions and due to the custom nature of each piece, I will try to answer as many common questions here as I can. The best way to get the clearest answer, is to message me and ask!

Most orders take 2-3 weeks to complete from the start of design to shipping, depending on size and complexity of the piece. The bigger pieces may take longer, with boar spears taking up to three months worth of artwork. Apparel orders are usually shipped within 2-3 business days and sent first class.

Each order will have a tracking number provided by USPS, FEDEX, or DHL.

Most axe handles are American Hickory, while some are ash. It is possible for a manufacturer to use another wood as well. Axe heads are nearly always a forged high-carbon steel.

Unfortunately, no. We are not currently set up to fashion new handles from unique woods. Handles CAN be resized upon requests.

No. Each piece is manufactured (usually via a drop forge) or hand-forged by a private forge. Just not by me.

No. Northwoods is not a retail store. Each piece is held and designed as artwork for a client, not sold bare. There are plenty of store and can do that for you.