The way it works

Step 1: The process starts when you choose the platform you want to see your project done on. You can choose from the items we keep in stock, or something special that we can acquire. This can be axes, spears, round wall art, Irish hurleys, or anything you can think of that you want to have carved out. Literally anything is possible, as long as we can get it in.

Pricing: Projects are priced by sized and our expense to acquire. Never by art content or complexity. Prices will be listed on all pieces in stock in the shop, so if you’re looking for something we don’t carry, the final cost will be our expense plus size of the project.

Step 2: The design of the piece is in your hands. You can provide me with as many specific images as you like, or with just a general theme. We have covered artwork and cultures from all over the world, pop culture icons, and military design. The possibilities are only limited by the imagination.

Step 3: Now its time to sketch the concept. We charge 10% of the final cost as the sketch fee. That is applied to the final cost of the piece.

Step 4: Once you approve of the design, you pay the remaining balance or begin installments. That allows me to begin carving. After it is finished, your project will be shipped once it is paid in full!