Skeggox Bearded Axe


The Skeggox Bearded axe is forged in Sweden. One of the biggest blades available in the shop, this axe provides an incredible surface area for artwork.


The Art Deposit is 10% down. To initiate a project, it is 10% for the art, and you send me a message from the form below to discuss the design elements to your piece. I usually respond same day to messages. Once you approve of the sketches, you can pay in full, or start making payments on your piece and then I can start the carving process!  Message me with further inquiries, and I look forward to starting your project!

(Pictures of finished pieces are for reference only. All finished pieces have been sold and sent to their respective clients.)

Blade Etching is an additional $50 charge per side.

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additional information

Blade: 6″
Steel: 1045 Carbon
Handle: Ash